Equipment List

Digital Camera Equipment

Canon 5D mark lll with battery grip, full frame camera

2-Canon 7D with battery grips


Sigma 10mm-22mm

Sigma 18mm-50mm

Canon 18mm-135mm

Canon 16mm- 35mm 2.8L

Canon 24mm- 70mm 2.8L

Canon 70mm-200mm 2.8L

Canon 180mmL 1:1 macro

Canon 100mm- 400mm 3.5-5.6L

Canon 90mm Tilt-Shift lens

Canon 24mm Tilt-Shift lens

Sigma 100mm 1:1 macro lens 2.8

Sigma 150-500mm 4.5-6.3

Camranger- Allows remote viewing of images produced by the camera onto an Ipad. Also allows complete control of all camera functions remotely.

Panoramic Equipment:

Really Right Stuff’s complete nodal slides and brackets for the Really Right Stuff’s Ball head and L bracket.

A nodal slide allows a photographer to locate the correct position on the lens (nodal point) to make more accurate merging of panoramic, This bracket allows me to do accurate merges in both horizontal and vertical pano.

On Camera Type Flash units:

3-Canon 580exll

1-Canon 430exll

1-Radio Popper transmitter

4-Radio Popper receivers
(Radio poppers provide remote control over the Ettl and Manual functions of the canon Flashes)

3-External battery packs for Canon Flashes

4-Lumopro LP120

4-Quantaray QDC 900WA

CyberSync radio triggers for remotely controlling flash firing

2-16″ softboxes for small flash units

2-24″ softboxes for small flash units

Studio Flash Units:

4-Whitelightning 1800ws monolights

3-Whitelightning 1200ws monolights

4-Paul C. Buff Einstein monolights

2-3’x4′ softboxes

2-2’x3′ softboxes

4-10″x3′ strip banks

2-1’x5′ strip banks

3-2’x3′ foldable softboxes

2-32″x40″ softboxes

2-30″x60″ softboxes

Complete set of cyber commanders to remotely control all operations for the studio flashes

2-Cyber comanders

11- Cyber synch receivers for studio flash units

7- Cyber synch receivers to trigger speedlights with cyber commander



Misc. grids in different degrees


Diffusion panels




5-boom arms


Computer Equipment

2- Dell Tower running Windows 7

4-24″ wide format monitors

2-12″x12″ wacom tablet

Flatbed scanner

35mm-120 Film scanner

8.5 x 11 in epson photo printer

13×19 in. epson photo printer

Computer Software:

Photoshop CC

Lightroom 5

Complete Google / Nik software suite


Premier Elements for video production and editing

onone photoshop plug-in suite

Topaz Labs photoshop plug-in suite

Alien skins complete photoshop suite

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