Bemus Point Timber Frame time-laspe

4 08 2011

Photography by: Kurt A. Moore- Moore Images Photographic Services, Chautauqua County, Westfield New York

Timber Frame by: Frame of Mind Timber Werks – Stow New York

Crane Service: Taylor Tree Service – Ripley New York

This time- laspe photographic sequence cover about 8 hr of a timber frame assembly done by Frame of Mind Timber Werks from Stow New York. The install was in Bemus Point New York. There was about 2600 individual images taken over the 8 hr period and then taken into Quick Time Pro where the images where combined to form the almost 3 minutes of video.

Barcelona Harbor Time-Laspe V.02

29 07 2011

This time-laspe has been improved by adding an exposure gradient filter to the lower half of all the 600+ images. This was done in Lightroom 3 which makes it very easy to do this correction with their synch function, all 600+ images corrected in minutes. I think this version is a lot better by brightening the foreground so that the activity can be seen in the harbor and along the shoreline.

Barcelona Harbor Sunset Timelaspe

14 07 2011

Photography by:Moore Images Photographic Services-Kurt A. Moore

Westfield, Chautauqua County, New York

Go to the list on the right and click on Barcelona lighthouse New York to see more images of the lighthouse.

This is may second attempt at a timelaspe sequence. This sunset at Barcelona Harbor and Lighthouse was shot July 13, 2011 over about 1.5 hours and over 650 individual images combined at 15 frames a second to give you a 34 second finished video. Look for the ducks swimming and the two boats docking after a day out fishing.

Critique : There’s a couple of glitches in the video cause by me playing with the timer controller. Still learning the controller, I think I have it figured out now and the next timelaspe should be better.

Timber Frame Time-Laspe Photography

9 07 2011

Photography by: Moore Images-Kurt A. Moore

Westfield, Chautauqua County, New York

This is my first attempt at time-lapse photography. This was shot at over a 2.5 hour period on July 8th, 20011. Shot with a Canon 7D, Canon 18-135mm lens and a Canon Timer Remote Controller. I programmed the timer to take an image every 30sec to a minute over the 2.5 hour. I then took the images into Quick time pro to put the video together at 23 images per second, a total of 227 images for 9 seconds of finished video.

Critique – I think I need to take a whole lot more images about 1 every 10 seconds to get a smoother transition between each image.

Timber Frame Structure by: Frame of Mind Timber Werks, Stow New York

Crane Service by: Taylor Tree Service, Ripley New York

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