Whiskey and Wine – Liquor bottle photograph on Whiskey barrel – Beverage Photography

18 10 2015
Whiskey and Wine bottles

Whiskey bottle on whiskey barrel with wine bottles in the background 








A quick shot of a bottle of Whiskey from a local small distiller in Westfield New York. A whiskey barrel planter turned upside down  was used as the table. The background is made up of wine bottles also sitting on the whiskey barrel. Depth of field was very shallow at f2.8 just to make sure the label was sharp and the focus started falling off right away. Lighting was provided by a single Paul C. Buff Einstein in a PCB strip light that was moved around the set and multiple exposures where taken to later be combined in Photoshop. I took 5 of the exposures into Photoshop and did some layer masking to select the area of the each exposure that I wanted to use in the final image. A little light flare was adding into the left side of the image and finished off with some unsharp mask.

What do you think?

Fujin Mark II Vacuum “Lens” Sucks The Dirt, Dust, & Grime Right Out Of Your SLR – DIY Photography

24 09 2015


Source: Fujin Mark II Vacuum “Lens” Sucks The Dirt, Dust, & Grime Right Out Of Your SLR – DIY Photography

Interesting idea and may extent the need to do a serious cleaning of the interior of your camera. What do you think about this camera vacuum and does the price make it worth the investment?

Launching a new Photographic Website

7 02 2011

I have been working on selecting a website provider and setting up the new site. Since this is a new website it will be changing as I upload photographs of Chautauqua County New York,
Products, Studio, Architectures, scenic, sport action and photoshop retouching and manipulation.
The websites address at this time is http://www.creativeproductphotos.com. or click this link to go right there  http://www.creativeproductphotos.com
Please check back often or contact me if you have any questions at http://www.kamor4@yahoo.com.

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