Senior Portrait Retouch-Before and After

30 11 2010

Photo taken by Molly Kreeger
Retouching by Kurt A. Moore-Moore Images Photographic Services

This image was taken in Ripley New York by Molly Kreeger an up and coming portrait photographer that I am working with to help her on the technical side of things. Working with flash, studio lights and reflectors. She has an eye for photography and turns the photo shoots into a fun time for all. The image shown here was taken against the back wall of an old brick farm house. The retouching was done in photoshop cs4 using the healing brush, adjustment masks, curves,stamp tool and the liquify tool.

High School Senoir photography print treatment

20 11 2010

Photos by Molly Kreeger
Design by Kurt A. Moore-Moore Images Photographic Services
Westfield New York
Senior photos taken in the Ripley and Westfield New York area. Molly is quite lucky to have a studio and outdoor shooting space that offers a ton of cool options. Great landscaping, old wood and brick buildings, timber frame structures, grape vineyards, railroad tracks and so much more. Ripley is also close to so many great outdoor locations, like Erie and Chautauqua lakes, Chautauqua Institution, Peek and Peak and the many parks and builds that the neighboring communities offer as backgrounds for your senior or engagement photographs. To keep trying to produce new and interesting senior portraits I started playing around with some print treatments. I produced the print treatment using photoshop and combining background files form onone software. In photoshop beside lowering opacity on one of the overlays and using an adjustment layer and brushing back some of the under lying layer I also put the white borders around the prints, added text and worked in some of the bottom layer through the images.

Murphy oilpaint

5 07 2010

A quick capture of a friends best friend. The painted look was done in alien skins snap art2. With a little work in photoshop.

Performing Arts

19 06 2010

This group shot is part of a series taken for a local Dance Academy. The area we had to use was not ideal for a nice Christmas images and a roll background etc. was not a good choice so I did the next best thing. We did the best image we could take in the location we had to work with and then in Photoshop I extracted the girls and created the background, shadows, and text to give the clients an images that they couldn’t envision from the images that we shot on location. I was helping TNT photography produce these images and provided equipment, some shooting and the photoshop techniques used here.

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