Family Group Portraiture – Commercial Photographer, Jamestown, Chautauqua County New York

9 08 2015

I’m not a portrait photographer usually. Usually I spend my time creating images of inanimate objects, Architecture, products and landscapes. A close friend asked me to come up with something special when his kids gathered for fathers day this year. I made an image of each family group separately while standing in the yard of their cottage. Once I had an image of each group I removed the background so that just the people where left. Once that was done I could move the groupings on to any background I would like too. This is what I ended up doing.

Family Photo

Family Panoramic Image





Family Photo

Panoramic Photo of Family groups


Black & White Conversion

18 10 2011

By Molly Kreeger

Photography By Molly Kreeger –

Photoshop retouching by – Kurt A. Moore – Moore Images Photographic Services – Westfield N.Y.

The original images is a straight black and white conversion. You can see that the image needs some correction to make the image pop. A black and white image needs some true blacks and true whites and everything in between to make a good looking black and white conversion. We are working with a cute snapshot from Molly Kreeger Photography that you can see in the original image that is flat, muddy and overall grayish rather than black and white. With some contrast added a little bit of dodging and burning with the adjustment mask and a tiny bit of softening you turn a flat conversion into an image with a little pop and character.


By Molly Kreeger Photography


This comparison is the original image and the results after being worked in niks software silver efex. The grain and sepia tones give the image an aged look. Just playing with different effects.

Football Composite – Westfield Wolverines

11 09 2011
#46 Football

#46 Football player on the run

Image #1 taken during a night game at the high school with a Canon 7D, 70-200mm @ 200mm-at ISO 2500/ f2.8 @ 1/640 of a sec.

Score board

Image of Score board during Football game

Image #2 is shot of the score board early in the game.

Football composite of player and score board

Football composite of player and score board

Finished composite РPracticing with the pen tool some more. I removed the player mostly with the quick select tool with some help from the pen tool. Them I cut out the score board using only the pen tool. Then  just for fun I played a little bit with the pen tool and shapes in the form of the ribbon and the blue and white lines which started out as a set of parallel rectangular shape and then they were shaped with the warp function in PS5. The score was also changed in favor of the home team.

Black and White Conversion – Brother and Sister

22 08 2011

Photography by: Molly Kreeger, Milwaukee WI

Post processing by: Kurt A. Moore – Moore Images Photographic Services

Westfield, N.Y>

This is a simple black and White conversion of an image taken by: Molly Kreeger of Molly Kreeger Photography of Milwaukee WI. The conversion was preformed in Lightroom 3. After Lightroom 3 stripped away the color the image that was left was your typical flat greyish image that you get when you do a straight conversion. To help bring back a little of the pop to the b&w I played with the color sliders in Lightroom to selectively control how each color is represented in the gray-scale image. We have blacks, grays, and whites along with everything in between. Also did a little cropping as you can see.

Westfield NY – Civil War Encampment poster

9 08 2011

Civil War encampment poster

Photography and Photoshot by: Kurt A. Moore – Moore Images Photographic Services

Westfield, Chautauqua County New York

Practicing extracting elements from existing images and combining them with other images. I think the extraction looks pretty good. No color fringing on the edges etc. This is a mock ad for the civil war encampment that took place on Aug 6th and 7th. I’m not happy with the grin on the gun toting rebel, I think a sterner face would have worked better with the protecting theme but I am working with existing images and using what I have on hand.

All the extracting, tone adjustments, B&W conversion and text where preformed in photoshop CS5.

Westfield New York Civil War encampment

7 08 2011

Photos by: Kurt A. Moore – Moore Images Photographic Services

Chautauqua County, Westfield New York

Click on the images to view a larger version.

The above gallery of images were taken Sunday Aug 7th in Westfield New York. You can see the color version that is straight out of the camera, base exposure. Then you can see my interpretation of what I think the image should look like. I took a series of hand-held exposures to give me an exposure bracket set on -1 stop, normal and +1 stop. The 3 images were taken into Lightroom 3 and then nik software’s HDR efex where the 3 files were combined to give me an HDR image with contrast, texture and the character of an older image once converted to black and white. Once the HDR was tweaked it was saved and then reopened in nik software’s silver efex pro 2 to do the black and white conversion and tweaking, along with the sepia tone addition.¬† I would like your comments and critique on these images. Thank you, Kurt

Photoshop before and after – Family Portrait

2 08 2011

Photo by: Molly Kreeger photography

Photoshop retouching by: Kurt A. Moore – Moore Images Photographic Services

Westfield New York, Chautauqua County

It is tuff to get multiple subjects to have that great expression all at the same time. Eyes blink, people turn heads, mouths open. What do you do? Rescedule the session or work a little photoshop magic. In this case photoshop was

the way to go. These images where shot in quickly so the subjects body size and placement made the fix some what easy.

Look at the eyes on the two subjects in the rear of the images.

Photo of family from Ripley New York

Senior Portrait Retouch-Before and After

30 11 2010

Photo taken by Molly Kreeger
Retouching by Kurt A. Moore-Moore Images Photographic Services

This image was taken in Ripley New York by Molly Kreeger an up and coming portrait photographer that I am working with to help her on the technical side of things. Working with flash, studio lights and reflectors. She has an eye for photography and turns the photo shoots into a fun time for all. The image shown here was taken against the back wall of an old brick farm house. The retouching was done in photoshop cs4 using the healing brush, adjustment masks, curves,stamp tool and the liquify tool.

High School Senoir photography print treatment

20 11 2010

Photos by Molly Kreeger
Design by Kurt A. Moore-Moore Images Photographic Services
Westfield New York
Senior photos taken in the Ripley and Westfield New York area. Molly is quite lucky to have a studio and outdoor shooting space that offers a ton of cool options. Great landscaping, old wood and brick buildings, timber frame structures, grape vineyards, railroad tracks and so much more. Ripley is also close to so many great outdoor locations, like Erie and Chautauqua lakes, Chautauqua Institution, Peek and Peak and the many parks and builds that the neighboring communities offer as backgrounds for your senior or engagement photographs. To keep trying to produce new and interesting senior portraits I started playing around with some print treatments. I produced the print treatment using photoshop and combining background files form onone software. In photoshop beside lowering opacity on one of the overlays and using an adjustment layer and brushing back some of the under lying layer I also put the white borders around the prints, added text and worked in some of the bottom layer through the images.

Murphy oilpaint

5 07 2010

A quick capture of a friends best friend. The painted look was done in alien skins snap art2. With a little work in photoshop.

Performing Arts

19 06 2010

This group shot is part of a series taken for a local Dance Academy. The area we had to use was not ideal for a nice Christmas images and a roll background etc. was not a good choice so I did the next best thing. We did the best image we could take in the location we had to work with and then in Photoshop I extracted the girls and created the background, shadows, and text to give the clients an images that they couldn’t envision from the images that we shot on location. I was helping TNT photography produce these images and provided equipment, some shooting and the photoshop techniques used here.

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