Dripping Lipstick – Product Photography in Western New York, Chautauqua County

4 08 2015

Product Photography – Western New York, Chautauqua County

Building the product image of Dripping Lipstick involved producing multiple images in the studio. One of the upside down lipstick, one of the standing lipstick case, another of a drip of nail polish, and then the one of the nail polish dripping down the lipstick case and puddling on the table. There was also a large amount of Photoshop done to clean up the elements and change the colors of all the elements to match.

Dripping Lipstick Cosmetic photograph

Product Photography – Wine Bottles – Arrowhead Winery, Northeast P.A.

7 01 2014
Arrowhead winery - Xmas tree wine bottle

Arrowhead wine – Xmas bottle

Product photography of Xmas tree wine bottle v2

Product photography of Xmas tree wine bottle v2

Xmas tree wine bottles

Xmas tree wine bottles







Three versions of a small product studio shot of a pair of Xmas tree shaped wine bottles from a local winery in Northeast P.A. called Arrowhead Winery on Rt 20.


The bottles where placed on a table in front of white background paper and lite with two 30×40 soft boxes, one on each side of the bottle towards the back illuminating the back edges and contents of the bottle. Then I placed two 30×40 white foam core boards in front of the subjects to reflect lights back onto the lettering and front of the bottles. I bracketed the exposures and during the post processing I pulled one of the underexposed images and used the underexposed sides of the bottles and combined the proper exposure of the bottles and the proper exposure of the sides into one combined exposure in PhotoshopCC.

I used fake snow to surround the bottles and add a bit of seasonal element to the foreground image.


The color lights where produced with Xmas lights hanging from a bar in the studio with the camera out of focus.

Snow covered evergreens was a stock shot I had on file

The red and yellow streaks where produced with a preset from OnOne enhance.

The bottles and snow where cut out of the studio background using the pen tool in PhotoshopCC. With the background removed it was easy to experiment with different backgrounds.

Product Photography-Lightpainting-Flyfishing

29 05 2013
Fly fishing equipment-Lightpainted

A lightpainted images of fly fishing equipment.














Product Photography by: Kurt A. Moore- Moore Images Photographic Services- Westfield, Chautauqua County New York

A photograph of fly fishing equipment. Once the equipment was arranged on the table the lights in the studio were turned out and the items were brushed over with a small LED flashlight, I tried to produce this product photograph in a single exposure but I couldn’t quite do it. So I focused on getting the proper exposure and look in smaller select areas and then took these 4 selections into Photoshop and combined them to produce the final image.


Taylor Tree Service Homeshow video by Westfield N.Y. Photography Service

28 02 2012

The following video slide includes about 220 images taken over a period of a couple of years for Taylor Tree Service in Ripley N.Y. The images show work being preformed by Taylor Tree Service in The Chautauqua Institution, The Village of Westfield N.Y., The City of Erie Pa., The city of Pittsburgh Pa. and many other locations. Taylor Tree Service is a complete tree care provider serving the tri-state area along The Lake Erie Shoreline from Niagara Falls N.Y. to Cleveland Oh. down to Allegheny County Pa. and the Pittsburgh area.

The video will be used by Taylor Tree Service during Home shows were they are promoting their business.


All images and video production by: Kurt A. Moore-Moore Images Photographic Services- Westfield N.Y.

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