Photograph looking South on North Portage Westfield, New York

25 07 2013
Presbyterian Church Steeple, Westfield, N.Y.

Photograph looking south on North Portage St, Westfield, N.Y. . Presbyterian Church Steeple, Westfield N.Y.



























Photograhy by Kurt A. Moore, Moore Images Photographic Services, Chautauqua County, Westfield, New York

This image was taken on July 24th with a Canon 5D mark lll and a Canon 100-400mm L lens from the side of the road on Rt. 394 (North Portage St.) looking south towards downtown Westfield N.Y.

A new series of Pano Sunsets from Barcelona Lighthouse and Harbor Westfield N.Y.

11 06 2013

untitled-4784_HDR-Edit untitled-4814_HDR-Edit-Edit untitled-4847_HDR-Edit-Edit untitled-4929_HDR-Edit-Edit untitled-5054_HDR-Edit untitled-4171_HDR-Edit-Edit

Architectural Interior of St. Luke’s Church, Jamestown New York

27 05 2013
Interior St. Luke's Church Jamestown NY

HDR Photograph of the interior of St. Luke’s Church, Jamestown, Chautauqua County, New York

Photography by: Kurt A. Moore, Moore Images Photographic Service, Westfield, Chautauqua County New York

This is an interior architectural photograph of the St. Luke’s main sanctuary looking from the alter back to the main entrance. I used a 7 exposure bracket to produce this HDR image in niksoftware efexHDRpro 2, then some work in Photoshop and Lightroom to come up with the final look.

16 12 2012

Finished Timber Frame at Tanglewood Manor untitled-263_HDR_2-2

Two quick shots taken on Dec 14th 2012. These are more HDR images taken at Tanglewood Manor in Jamestown N.Y. I spent maybe five minutes getting the exposure for these. The camera was set on Aperture Priority, Auto Exposure Bracket, the exposure was Normal, -1 stop and -2 stops. The day was kind of grey and lifeless, HDR was needed to force some pop out of the image. Some contrast, clarity and vibrance  where added in Lightroom 4 after efex HDRpro did its thing. The total time on this shot including shooting and processing is maybe 15minutes.

The below image is what the camera picked as normal (this is straight out of the camera)



16 12 2012
Taylor Tree Service from Ripley N.Y. is helping Frame of Mind Timerwerks

Taylor Tree Service from Ripley N.Y. is helping Frame of Mind Timerwerks


This HDR image is made up of 3 handheld exposures taken at Normal, -1, -2 stops and then combined in efex HDR and then taken into photoshop for some final touches.  To start the process off I had to take each image into photoshop to remove elements that the HDR program couldn’t keep from ghosting when the 3 images are combined. Then the images where taken into the HDR program to let it do it’s thing, which I think does a very good job. Then like I stated above it was taken into PS5 for some fine tuning. Location of image is the memory gardens at Tanglewood Manor in Jamestown N.Y.

New Photoshop Technique – Photos from Westfield N.Y. and Chautauqua Institution

10 03 2012

Have been working on a new technique in photoshop to blend a photo with a couple of other layers to give the image a painterly,drawing with a bit of the photo showing through it all.

The photograph was duped in PS5 and that dupe was changed into a black and white and then duped again and some filter effects added to give it a drawing look and then blended and combined on top of the photograph layer.  Then the background texture layer was brought in and moved to the bottom of the stack.  A multiply layer blend was added to the top layer and a black adjustment mask was added to the original photo layer to allow the selected blending of the whole group.


Click on any of the images to see a larger version.




Chautauqua Institution - Photoshop effect

Chautauqua Institution lake front


Westfield N.Y. barn and round bale

Westfield N.Y. barn and round bale


Timber frame house

Timber frame house


Sunset over looking lake Erie – Westfield N.Y.

7 10 2011

Sunset overlooking Noble Winery and Lake Erie 2


This is from the Noble Winery shot from Aug. The image is a 3 frame HDR with some dodging and burning done with the adjustment brush in Lightroom 3. Lake Erie in the background.

Maytum Building Fredonia State University

5 10 2011
Maytum Building

Maytum Building Fredonia State University


A black and white conversion of the Maytum Building on the campus of Fredonia State University in Fredonia N.Y. The conversion was preformed in nik software’s silver efex with some structure control and clarity added to sharpen up the lines and bring an edgier look to the image.

Sculpture at Fredonia State Campus

3 10 2011
Fredonia State Sculpter

Sculpter on the Campus of Fredonia State University

Photography by: Kurt A. Moore – Moore Images Photographic Services – Westfield N.Y.

Pretty straight forward shot of a sculpture on the campus of Fredonia State University in Fredonia N.Y. Chautauqua County

There was a little tone adjustments (dodging and burning) done to lighten the sculpture a little and to tone down and even out the sky. The lens flare is right out of PS5

Sunrise on Chautauqua Lake N.Y.

1 10 2011

Chautauqua Inst. Bell Tower, Chautauqua Lake Sunrise


Sunrise picture of the Chautauqua Institution’s Miller Bell Tower and Chautauqua Lake N.Y. which is in the western part of New York State in Chautauqua County. Sitting at the computer with 40 degree temps outside and just figured a nice summer time sunrise images would make people feel a little warmer. Hope it worked.

Old barn ready to fall

17 09 2011
Ready to fall - Old barn

Old barn in Westfield N.Y. - Read to fall

Straight from the camera, except a little bit of lightening of the front of the building and inside with the adjustment brush in Lightroom3.

Westfield N.Y. Passenger Train Station

16 09 2011
Train depot composite

Westfield N.Y. Passenger Train Station

A great looking cut stone train terminal in Westfield N.Y. This is the passenger station on English St. If you look in the windows of the station it looks like the doors were closed in the 1940 and nothings been touched since. Roll top desk, old fan, typewriter, old luggage and packages all just sitting in place. Very neat. I would love to get in and do some images. Not open to the public as far as I know.

These are all 3 image HDRs done in HDR efex pro. The composite was done in PS5.

Westfield N.Y. freight depot

15 09 2011
Freight depot

Westfield freight depot -Straight out of the Camera

Another in this months railway theme.

This image is straight out of the camera. Under exposed to get detail in the sky and of course lost a lot of the detail in the building. Lets see what a Raw file and the non destructive editing in Lightroom 3 can do to bring back the detail in the building.

Westfield frieght depot circa 1905

Circa 1905 - Frieght depot - Westfield N.Y.

Doesn’t look bad from here. Work done mostly with the adjustment brush in Lightroom 3.

Northeast P.A. Passenger Train Station

12 09 2011
Northeast P.A. train station

Passenger train station in Northeast P.A.

This is the Northeast P.A. Passenger train station which is now a railway museum. You can view numerous pieces of rolling stock, view displays inside the station and watch current trains traveling on the still active tracks outside the door. To find out more go to:  http: //

The larger image is a single image of the station with some contrast added and some work with the adjustment brush in Lightroom3. The two smaller images are 3 image HDR’s. The 3 images are 2 stops each side of normal, the -2 stop image allows the blue in the sky to be pulled out and the clouds to look more cloud like rather than the gray mess of clouds seen in the upper image. The simple composite of the 3 images was done in PS5.

Barn with rolled bales – Westfield N.Y.

30 08 2011
Barn with rolled bales of hay

Westfield N.Y barn with rolled bales of hay


This image was taken at 135mm from about 1/4 to 1/3 of mile away over a vineyard which you can just see at the bottom of the frame. There were other houses and farm building on both sides, so the barn got placed in the middle of the scene. Some processing in Lightroom, Photoshop and HDR efex to give it an aged, grainy look.

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