Moore Images is a professional Commercial Photography business in Westfield N.Y.  I started in photography like a lot of people got there start in high school shooting for the yearbook. I did everything from covering sporting events, every day life in the hallways to doing my own film developing and printing. Then while in college I was taking a woodworking class that required portfolio pictures to be taken so I started taking college level photography classes and took every class that the local community college had to offer.  While I was taking the photography classes at the community college I started a part-time job with one of the local photo processing labs during this time. I did everything from retail camera sales, operating a one hour processing machine, custom darkroom work and custom studio work.  After about three years of working in this photography lab I decided to further my photographic training by attending the Ohio Institute of photography where I studied for two years with an emphasis on commercial and advertising photography. When I completed my photographic training at the Ohio Institute of photography I returned to Western New York and I started working as a freelance independent photographer providing services to individuals, businesses, advertising agencies,  And  providing wedding photography and portraiture’s in the Western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania areas.

During the past 30 years I have done everything that can be done in photography. I have experience with all formats of film  cameras including 4 x 5, medium format and 35mm and digital cameras, custom darkroom and an extensive background with Photoshop and  other digital editing and management programs.  I have completed assignments in factories and industrial settings, I have produced small product and large product studio shots for ad agencies and manufacturers, I have worked for local newspapers, and provided wedding coverage and all facets of portrait photographers to the local community.

I welcome you to enjoy the Moore Images photo blog that starts here and learning about the services I can provide for you.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about a project you have coming up please contact me at:



Thank you,

Kurt A. Moore

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