Football Composite – Westfield Wolverines

11 09 2011
#46 Football

#46 Football player on the run

Image #1 taken during a night game at the high school with a Canon 7D, 70-200mm @ 200mm-at ISO 2500/ f2.8 @ 1/640 of a sec.

Score board

Image of Score board during Football game

Image #2 is shot of the score board early in the game.

Football composite of player and score board

Football composite of player and score board

Finished composite – Practicing with the pen tool some more. I removed the player mostly with the quick select tool with some help from the pen tool. Them I cut out the score board using only the pen tool. ThenĀ  just for fun I played a little bit with the pen tool and shapes in the form of the ribbon and the blue and white lines which started out as a set of parallel rectangular shape and then they were shaped with the warp function in PS5. The score was also changed in favor of the home team.

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