Railway photographs in black and white

23 09 2011

Westfield N.Y. passenger terminal Black and White


Railway cars in black and white


Took a couple of the finished HDR images in nik software’s silver efex to do the Black and White conversion. I think these images convert to B&W very nicely, and the conversion capabilities in silver efex are great you can control all your tones, edges, vignettes, and grain.

Tanker car light painting

20 09 2011

railcar before lightpainting

Make sure you look at the larger images by clicking on the image of your choice.

The above image is a 3 frame HDR image to get detail into the shadows on a contrasty day.

Lightpainted tanker car

With this image I took the results from the HDR combined images into photoshop and did some light painting to give the car a little character and shape.

Couplers – Railway

19 09 2011

Coupler - straight out of camera - normal exp.

The following image is a 3 image HDR  that was taken from the HDR software into photoshop. While in photoshop I did some light painting in a levels layer mask to highlight edges and just highlight the features and details that I wanted to bring your attention too.

Coupler - Rail Road - Light painted

Rail cars – Westfield N.Y.

18 09 2011
Canada Government rail car

Rail Car - Canada Government - Westfield N.Y.


3 image HDR of a string of rail cars in Westfield N.Y.

Old barn ready to fall

17 09 2011
Ready to fall - Old barn

Old barn in Westfield N.Y. - Read to fall

Straight from the camera, except a little bit of lightening of the front of the building and inside with the adjustment brush in Lightroom3.

Westfield N.Y. Passenger Train Station

16 09 2011
Train depot composite

Westfield N.Y. Passenger Train Station

A great looking cut stone train terminal in Westfield N.Y. This is the passenger station on English St. If you look in the windows of the station it looks like the doors were closed in the 1940 and nothings been touched since. Roll top desk, old fan, typewriter, old luggage and packages all just sitting in place. Very neat. I would love to get in and do some images. Not open to the public as far as I know.

These are all 3 image HDRs done in HDR efex pro. The composite was done in PS5.

Westfield N.Y. freight depot

15 09 2011
Freight depot

Westfield freight depot -Straight out of the Camera

Another in this months railway theme.

This image is straight out of the camera. Under exposed to get detail in the sky and of course lost a lot of the detail in the building. Lets see what a Raw file and the non destructive editing in Lightroom 3 can do to bring back the detail in the building.

Westfield frieght depot circa 1905

Circa 1905 - Frieght depot - Westfield N.Y.

Doesn’t look bad from here. Work done mostly with the adjustment brush in Lightroom 3.

Hawk in flight

15 09 2011
Hawk in flight

Hawk in flight


A lucky capture. All I had with me was the 7D with a 18-135mm, not long enough to get a full frame image. This is cropped a bit in Lightroom. It’s great to have the 18 mega pixels to allow the cropping. Just a little (very little) adjustment brush to lighten the under side and head of the bird.

Railroad Crossing – Westfield N.Y.

14 09 2011
railroad crossing

Walker Rd railroad crossing - Westfield N.Y.


One more railroad related image. This image was taken at the Walker Rd crossing in Westfield N.Y. There was some work done on it in Lightroom 3 and plug ins to increase the whites in the clouds and enhance the blues in the sky also used the structure slider to sharpen things up a bit. Along the way I darkened down the foreground to keep your eye up in the sky and on the crossing guard equipment.

Speeding Train – Westfield N.Y.

13 09 2011

Train_speeding thru crossing in Westfield N.Y.


Playing with a theme – Railroads, and railway related items. As a member of the Jamestown N.Y. audubon photo club we get monthly assignments and for October it is Railroads. So I’m working on some railroad related images.

The stats for this shot are as follows: Canon 7D, Canon 18-135mm zoom @ 44mm, 1/20th sec @ f29 ISO 100. The slow shutter speed give the train the look of high speed. With a faster shutter speed the train would have looked like it was just sitting still on the tracks, not to exciting.


If your in the area the Photo club meets at the Jamestown Audubon the second Thursday of the month at 6:30pm.

Westfield New York – High school fall sports

12 09 2011

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



A few images from the start of the Westfield New York Wolverine fall sports including, volleyball, football, boys and girls soccer. Enjoy the slide show.

Northeast P.A. Passenger Train Station

12 09 2011
Northeast P.A. train station

Passenger train station in Northeast P.A.

This is the Northeast P.A. Passenger train station which is now a railway museum. You can view numerous pieces of rolling stock, view displays inside the station and watch current trains traveling on the still active tracks outside the door. To find out more go to:  http: //www.grape-track.org/

The larger image is a single image of the station with some contrast added and some work with the adjustment brush in Lightroom3. The two smaller images are 3 image HDR’s. The 3 images are 2 stops each side of normal, the -2 stop image allows the blue in the sky to be pulled out and the clouds to look more cloud like rather than the gray mess of clouds seen in the upper image. The simple composite of the 3 images was done in PS5.

Football Composite – Westfield Wolverines

11 09 2011
#46 Football

#46 Football player on the run

Image #1 taken during a night game at the high school with a Canon 7D, 70-200mm @ 200mm-at ISO 2500/ f2.8 @ 1/640 of a sec.

Score board

Image of Score board during Football game

Image #2 is shot of the score board early in the game.

Football composite of player and score board

Football composite of player and score board

Finished composite – Practicing with the pen tool some more. I removed the player mostly with the quick select tool with some help from the pen tool. Them I cut out the score board using only the pen tool. Then  just for fun I played a little bit with the pen tool and shapes in the form of the ribbon and the blue and white lines which started out as a set of parallel rectangular shape and then they were shaped with the warp function in PS5. The score was also changed in favor of the home team.

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