Westfield NY – Civil War Encampment poster

9 08 2011

Civil War encampment poster

Photography and Photoshot by: Kurt A. Moore – Moore Images Photographic Services

Westfield, Chautauqua County New York

Practicing extracting elements from existing images and combining them with other images. I think the extraction looks pretty good. No color fringing on the edges etc. This is a mock ad for the civil war encampment that took place on Aug 6th and 7th. I’m not happy with the grin on the gun toting rebel, I think a sterner face would have worked better with the protecting theme but I am working with existing images and using what I have on hand.

All the extracting, tone adjustments, B&W conversion and text where preformed in photoshop CS5.

Westfield New York Civil War encampment

7 08 2011

Photos by: Kurt A. Moore – Moore Images Photographic Services

Chautauqua County, Westfield New York

Click on the images to view a larger version.

The above gallery of images were taken Sunday Aug 7th in Westfield New York. You can see the color version that is straight out of the camera, base exposure. Then you can see my interpretation of what I think the image should look like. I took a series of hand-held exposures to give me an exposure bracket set on -1 stop, normal and +1 stop. The 3 images were taken into Lightroom 3 and then nik software’s HDR efex where the 3 files were combined to give me an HDR image with contrast, texture and the character of an older image once converted to black and white. Once the HDR was tweaked it was saved and then reopened in nik software’s silver efex pro 2 to do the black and white conversion and tweaking, along with the sepia tone addition.  I would like your comments and critique on these images. Thank you, Kurt

Bemus Point Timber Frame time-laspe

4 08 2011

Photography by: Kurt A. Moore- Moore Images Photographic Services, Chautauqua County, Westfield New York

Timber Frame by: Frame of Mind Timber Werks – Stow New York

Crane Service: Taylor Tree Service – Ripley New York

This time- laspe photographic sequence cover about 8 hr of a timber frame assembly done by Frame of Mind Timber Werks from Stow New York. The install was in Bemus Point New York. There was about 2600 individual images taken over the 8 hr period and then taken into Quick Time Pro where the images where combined to form the almost 3 minutes of video.

Photoshop before and after – Family Portrait

2 08 2011

Photo by: Molly Kreeger photography

Photoshop retouching by: Kurt A. Moore – Moore Images Photographic Services

Westfield New York, Chautauqua County

It is tuff to get multiple subjects to have that great expression all at the same time. Eyes blink, people turn heads, mouths open. What do you do? Rescedule the session or work a little photoshop magic. In this case photoshop was

the way to go. These images where shot in quickly so the subjects body size and placement made the fix some what easy.

Look at the eyes on the two subjects in the rear of the images.

Photo of family from Ripley New York

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