Johnson Estate and Truck – Photoshop Composite

29 08 2011
Johnson Estate Winery - Westfield New York

Johnson Estate Winery- Oldest Estate Winery in New York



Truck in Mall parking lot


truck in front of johnson estate winery

Truck in front of Johnson Estate Winery - Composite


The truck I found parked in a parking lot at the Chautauqua Mall. The truck image was taken with a Canon G12 point and shoot camera, it was all I had with me. The truck was cut out of its background using the pen tool in PS5, I also cleaned up the front fender and the door of the truck to reduce the reflection in both. The side and rear windows were also cut out to show the background. The background was burned in or darkened were the window are to indicate the tint of the windows.


Doorway – Presbyterian Church – Westfield N.Y.

29 08 2011
First Presbyterian Church - Doorway - Westfield N.Y.

Doorway First Presbyterian Church - Westfield N.Y.


Straight out of camera, great looking doorway. Shot with a low angle camera position and a wide angle (17mm) lens causing some of the converging lines.


First Presbyterian Doorway - Westfield N.Y.

Doorway at the First Presbyterian Church - Westfield N.Y.


I leveled out some of the horizontal  lines to square up the image.  Process  the 3 images as a HDR, the scene really didn’t need a 3 frame HDR to get the detail in the shadow because the doorway was in shadow and an over cast day. I used the 3 images just to see what results I would get.

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