Fredonia State HDR

30 07 2011

I received some new software in the mail yesterday. Nik Software’s HDR Efex, it’s a HDR processing program that has been getting some pretty good revues in all the photography sources. I went to Fredonia State to look for High contrast images. I needed to put HDR Efex through its paces. With this series of  images you will see one that is the best exposure straight out of the camera, one that is an artistic interpretation  of the processed exposures and one that is the most realistic of the presets that come packaged with the software program.

The HDR’s are made up of 5 frames- 1 at the normal camera meter settings, then +1,+2 Stops and -1, -2 stops.

Look at the shadow and highlight details that show up better in the HDR.

Interesting program with a lot of potential, I’m going to have to play a hole lot more.

To see the images click on the link below.

Straight out of camera-blocked up shadows, underexposed to get some detail in the sky

Realistic HDR-More detail in the shadows, less contrast, still have detail in the sky

Artistic HDR-I just used one of the presets in HDR Efex



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