Timber Frame Time-Laspe Photography

9 07 2011

Photography by: Moore Images-Kurt A. Moore

Westfield, Chautauqua County, New York

This is my first attempt at time-lapse photography. This was shot at over a 2.5 hour period on July 8th, 20011. Shot with a Canon 7D, Canon 18-135mm lens and a Canon Timer Remote Controller. I programmed the timer to take an image every 30sec to a minute over the 2.5 hour. I then took the images into Quick time pro to put the video together at 23 images per second, a total of 227 images for 9 seconds of finished video.

Critique – I think I need to take a whole lot more images about 1 every 10 seconds to get a smoother transition between each image.

Timber Frame Structure by: Frame of Mind Timber Werks, Stow New York

Crane Service by: Taylor Tree Service, Ripley New York

Foggy morning and macro nature images

9 07 2011

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Photography by: Moore Images-Kurt A. Moore
Jamestown, Chautauqua County, New York.

A little slide show featuring a few of the nature/macro images I shot on Saturday July 9th 2011 at the Jamestown New York Audubon Nature Sanctuary.
Equipment used was a Canon 7d with a Sigma 100mm 2.8 1:1 macro lens on a 20yr old stroboframe macro Flash bracket with a single Canon 580 exll attached.
Mostly hand held but a few from a tripod.

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