Barcelona New York Harbor Sunset Panorama

30 09 2010

On this night I happened to look out the window while working on the computer. The entire sky and landscape had this great orange yellow glow to it so I grabbed the camera and headed out the door the see what the sunset looked like over lake erie at Barcelona Harbor in Westfield New York. The sunset over the lake was incredible. There were more people photographing this sunset than I have ever seen. The small size that I can produce here doesn’t do the panos any justice at all.

Barcelona Harbor New York Kayakers

24 09 2010

Every Tuesday night a local outfitter has a kayaking paddle out of Barcelona harbor. I got lucky with this photograph of the kayakers that where about 2 miles east of Barcelona Harbor on Lake Erie in Westfield New York. The timing of the sunset and the location and the route that the kayakers took this night all worked out to help with the success of this image. I also used the longest focal length lens that I could and still get the framing I was looking for in the final image. The long lens compresses the distance between the kayakers and the sunset. There is a little color shift done in photoshop to enhance the colors that where already present. Sunsets on Lake Erie have been a frequent subject this summer.

Small product catalog type photography

21 09 2010

A couple of quick basic catalog shots of small products. The method used was a small tent that the product sits inside. The light source was three on camera type speedlights one on each side and one over the top of the tent.

Barcelona Harbor Light

20 09 2010

It’s starting to look like I live to close to the Barcelona Lighthouse and Harbor with the number of Lighthouse and harbor post I have on the blog, but it is a great place to live and the sunsets can be breath taking. If you don’t spend much time on the North Coast of Chautauqua Co. you should make plans to spend sometime enjoying all that this area has to offer.


20 09 2010

Getting full mileage out of the Crossfire shoot. The firework images are from the Labor Day/Summers end celebration at Barcelona Harbor in Westfield N.Y.

Sports Photography-Its fall sports season in Chautauqua County New York

4 09 2010

Photos by Kurt A. Moore-Moore Images Photographic Services
Westfield New York
Sports Photography Gallery is located at
With cooler days and school starting up its high school sports time. In a small town sports are a large part of what happens around here and its great. The type of sports action photography can be challenging and fun to produce. To see a selection of Sports Photography images go to
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