Crossfire large product photography

16 08 2010

Photo by Kurt A. Moore-Moore Images Photographic Services
Westfield Chautauqua County New York

This photograph that was taken on the shores of Lake Erie in Westfield New York started out as an exercise in lighting a large product with small on camera type flashes. After finding the correct ambient light exposure using the shutter speed to record the sunset at the tone I felt was proper I set up two on camera type flash units facing back towards the trees with orange gels on each to provide some colored detail to the trees and surrounding foliage. The next step in the process was to place two additional on camera type flash units on the ground facing towards the car to illuminate the ground under the car. An additional single flash unit was placed inside the car to light the interior. One more stationary flash was placed on a small light stand facing the car from camera position to provide illumination onto the grass in front of the car. Each of the the flash groupings as described above were exposed separately to allow me some flexibility while combining the exposures in Photoshop. The headlights and marker lights on the car itself were also exposed as a separate exposure. The exposure on the car itself was accomplished with multiple flash pops from a unit in a 24″ x 24″ soft box. During the multiple pops of the flash unit I walked around the car to accomplish an even smooth lighting on the side of the car as well as on the front of the car and the hood. With the seven separate exposures in the camera one for the sunset, one for the trees, one for the ground behind the car, one for the interior of the car, one for the headlights and marker lights, one for the foreground exposure and one for the light painting of the car itself I took all these exposures into Photoshop and combined them to come up with the finished product you see here. The reason that I spent this much time and energy making so many individual exposures was to give me the flexibility I needed in Photoshop to control each element independent of each other that way I can control color brightness density in any of the other adjustments to come up with exactly the image that I have envisioned in my mind before I get started.



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