before and after-flag added to building

22 07 2010

This image came about because I needed a red/white/and blue subject matter for a camera club that I belong too. The image was take on a very hot, humid over cast day as you can see. The challenge was to add the flag image to the building and make it look believable. The work was preformed in photoshop of course. I preformed some contrast corrections, color corrections, added a blue gradient to the sky and then started removing elements from the building(old painted sign, metal welches sign, shadows) as well as cleaning up some of the surroundings. Then I added the flag by rotating it to a horizontal and reshaping it with the transform tool, lowering it opacity and working with a displacement map to make it look like it was actually on the building.

Murphy oilpaint

5 07 2010

A quick capture of a friends best friend. The painted look was done in alien skins snap art2. With a little work in photoshop.

Light painted portraiture

3 07 2010

Playing around with some light painting techniques. Compare the before and after. It adds some highlight and shadow control that would be hard to duplicate outside of photoshop.

Peek n’ Peak

3 07 2010

This image was produced for the Ski Resort property management office, if you look at the inset image you can see that the property had been plowed and looked dirty etc. I used the driveway of an unplowed condo to add to this image to give it a cleaner look, there was also a little light painting to add some highlights to the building and just for fun I did the sky writing. The text was done manually. The snow text was accomplished by doing multiple layers of painted white areas with drop shadows added to each layer separately. Lots and Lots of layers. The wood grain on the text was hand drawn.

Joke for a Friend

2 07 2010

I had a friend that worked maintenance for Condos at a Ski Resort and always complained about the amount of snow shoveling he had to do during the season. This is how I responded to his complaining.

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