Home Town Heros

19 06 2010

This is a composite of images to honor all the paid and volunteer Fire and EMS personell in Chautauqua Co. New York. All the composite,layout, and text was performed in Photoshop.

Performing Arts

19 06 2010

This group shot is part of a series taken for a local Dance Academy. The area we had to use was not ideal for a nice Christmas images and a roll background etc. was not a good choice so I did the next best thing. We did the best image we could take in the location we had to work with and then in Photoshop I extracted the girls and created the background, shadows, and text to give the clients an images that they couldn’t envision from the images that we shot on location. I was helping TNT photography produce these images and provided equipment, some shooting and the photoshop techniques used here.

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