6 06 2010

This image was shot some time ago with film. The image is straight out of the camera, the film used was a tungsten balance film which gives the image that great blue tone. The “matting” was done in photoshop.


6 06 2010

This image was photographed with studio lights to provide the illumination for the airplane. The sunset exposure was set with the cameras shutter speed to balance its exposure with that of the airplanes exposure.


6 06 2010

This is an exercise in using on-camera type flash units to produce a product photograph. This image was completely lit with multiple on camera type flash units and reflectors. 1-unit behind the shoe pointed up to a silver reflector to light the top of the shoe, 1-unit front at the far left skimming across side of shoe, 1-unit lighting the toe, 1-unit lighting the heel, 1-unit with a long snoot and grid to light the arch area, The image was shot as above and then shot as a silhouette with a white background to make adding the red glow easier in photoshop.

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