23 05 2010

This grouping of images is from a studio sitting that was done a while back. I think the studio set up worked out great. The wicker chair, the columns, background, the gown and the subject just all came together perfectly.

Kitchen Before and After

23 05 2010

This image was taken for a local camping resort that has a few cabins and cottages for rent. This is the kitchen in one of the luxury cabins. The lighting I used was all small on camera type flash units. There were two at the camera position, one on each side pointed at the ceiling. There was another unit on the counter top to the far left pointed towards stove, another one in the oven to add just a little glow and then a couple more in the living room area so that it did not go black or dark. The after image show some of the post processing that was preformed in photoshop. Removing shadows, adding lights that were burned out. Removing the waste basket that I forgot to move and shadows on the living room wall from the chair. I also remove some of the knot etc that bled through the paint on the trim.

Gum Drops

11 05 2010

This image was produced as an exercise to control focus or attention using the depth of field control you have with your F-stops or aperture.


11 05 2010

This is an old image with a new treatment. originally shot with a Bronica etrs 6.45 on Kodak Tmax 400 Black & White film. The negative was scanned into the computer with a Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro and them some contrast corrections, scratch removal and spotting was preformed in Photoshop and then saved and transferred to Corel Painter Essential 4 and run using the pencil sketch feature and then was taken into Lightroom 2 and there I used the auto action to turn it into a sepia tone (Brown tone).

Horizontal Flower pano

9 05 2010

Horizontal Flower photograph sized as a 12″x36″ panorama image. Background painted black and extended in photoshop

Shot with:

Canon 7D

Sigma 100mm 1:1 macro lens

Stroboframe macro Flash bracket

Canon 580 exll Flash

Canon 430 exll Flash

Exposure-Camear on manual

F32 @ 1/250th of a second

Flash exposure done with canons ETTL wireless CLC flash control using the built in 7D flash as the master and the other two flashes as slaves.

The above image is straight out of the camera.

flower grouping

9 05 2010

Just some flower images that have been sized to 12″x36″ to be used as a wall grouping.

Lightpainting Studio Still life

9 05 2010

Photo and Image Editing by Kurt A. Moore-Moore Images Photographic Services
Westfield New York
This image is an attempt to control the look and feel of a studio shot to a point that you can’t control the highlights, shadows, sharpness and focus when taking an images. This image is a composite of two images of the same subject. One has a -3 stop exposure of the subject shot with a small softbox directly over head. The other image is shot with a small softbox at 90 degrees to the left of camera and a correct exposure is used. Once the images were taken into photoshop they were stacked on separate layers, with the underexposed image on top with heavy diffusion added. Then with an adjustment mask added to the top layer it was painted out to reveal the image below. By control the brush opacity and size you control the amount of the upper layer you leave.

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